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  Antonio Lopez Reche

   Sculptor, London

    Aside of his figurative work, Antonio also has a deep interest in a more conceptual line of work in which, still using mostly  lost wax bronze casting, the repeated reproduction of an object, sometimes created by him, sometimes snatched from his immediate environment, creates a new form. 

Although these pieces start with the fascination with the chosen object and the symbolic significance that it carries or that Antonio attributes to it, soon the repetition and organisation of these elements creates a new dimension far from the original object.


Wish Number 100. Bronze, 72 x 12 x 12 cm. 

  These are pieces that entertain the eye and invite the viewer to linger in the playful disappearance of the single object amongst the positive and negative space and the shadows the object's repetition produces when arranged in an organised chaos. Still, there is a clear sense of balance and order in these gatherings of a single multiplied object. 

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