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      Painter, Madrid

    Diboschi’s work portraits the human being, capturing their nature and  environment.
A human being that executes automatically all sort of daily actions while lost in in thoughts, absent,  lost in intimate dimensions.  Solitude and silence become the refuge from the noise and chaos we live in.
Figures are depicted in a contemporary and familiar setting, in personal spaces, indoors and out doors. In neutral or distinctive.
Diboschi’s work is a homage to the daily life and the unnoticed.

On formal level we find the artist’s interest in composition and the use of color.
Compositions where a cold palette is fragmented as stained glass made up of hundred of nuances. 
These are works where silence and sound live together like the abstract and the concrete do. 



Fine Arts graduate by Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2019. Works and lives in Madrid where he also teaches painting.

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