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Laura Bofill
Painter, Barcelona

  Not long ago we had  the pleasure to introduce in London a new group of works in which Laura explores human's relationship with nature.

In her most recent pieces Laura works around the different faces of femininity and exuberance.

Laura Bofill was born in Barcelona in 1983 to an artistic family, her father is a sculptor and her mother is a painter.

After having accomplished her university studies, she began to work in her family studio, where she learnt to work with new materials allowing her to develop her own techniques in mixed media.

She exhibits in many European galleries. Her work can be found in galleries in Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Spain and France, as well as in Morocco.

Her work can also be seen in different international art fairs such as the Shanghai art Fair China, Fresh art fair Cheltenham, England, Affordable Art Fair of Stockholm, Buy Art Fair of Manchester, Affordable Art Fair of Amsterdam, Art Madrid Fair, Luxembourg art Fair Affordable Art fair in Battersea Park and Hampstead in London.

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